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Harold & Rose

This part of the world is very art friendly and art supportive. We are proud of those artists who went before us, plowing hard ground in the days of mining and logging, in our previously resource based economy. There is no greater artist in the Pacific Northwest than the incredible Harold Balazs. Now approaching ninety years, Harold has been making art in our region since he was twenty. He and his wife Rosemary have together forged a life of art - and made an art of life - that leaves us in awe. 

Harold's work can be seen in Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California, Utah, British Columbia

and elsewhere. He's a master calligrapher, sculptor, printmaker, watercolorist, graphic artist, enamelist, wood carver, draftsman, designer and beloved storyteller. 

Harold has never taught for a living but has been a studio artist his whole life. However he has mentored scores of young artists and urged them on to the making of things. He and Rose have inspired us all!

Harold passed away but lives on within us all! Go look at his stuff and be amazed!

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